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ConsurgeMail data is provided in realtime by Consurge Power Reports


ConsurgeMail Campaign Reporting Is Powered By Consurge Power Reports™!

Consurge Power Reports™ are our answer to unified 360 degree campaign data reporting. We have built a solution to combine and unify data from all pertinent marketing channels including: website, email, display, social media, donations, sales, form submissions and more.

Can I add custom data to Consurge Power Reports™?

Some data can be harder to access and track than others, but if it can be put in a spreadsheet, we can report on it for you.

Is all data provided in real-time?

Our reports are tailored to our clients and their marketing systems. Some data is always going to be real time like website, social media and CPC advertising performance.

Other external systems like email, display advertising or even petition collection that do not provide native API's for data collection will often require us to manually add them to a given report. As such this type of data will experience a real-time lag of roughly a day or two.

Start with as little as 1 credit to see how you like our service. No long-term commitments, no monthly fee, email credits last forever or until used!

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